the FOR THE CITY network


We believe that God designed the Church to be the hope of the world. Because of this, we consider opportunities to serve our city as a means for Christians to live out their God-given mission and be “restorers of streets” (Isaiah 58:12).

Maximizing Efforts

There are many congregations, ministries, and parachurch groups who are doing much toward individual, community, and city restoration. And there are a lot of other people and organizations apart from the Church who are doing this, too. Because everyone is working toward restoration, it’s important that we maximize what exists, instead of poorly stewarding time and resources by duplicating efforts. We’ve built a network to connect churches and nonprofit organizations to help maximize the work being done in our city.

Mobilizing People

With so many different interests and skills that exist within a congregation, it can be difficult for churches to mobilize each individual to serve the city. We want everyone to serve within their passions and use their particular giftings. Because we partner with a diversified group of nonprofits, we’re able to see many people, from many churches get plugged into many organizations.

Church Partnership

We partner with hundreds of organizations. Each plays a unique role in restoring our city, and they want others to join them.

And churches want their congregations engaged in restoration, too. We make the process simple for churches to mobilize their people by utilizing our marketing platforms and website infrastructure, which allows groups and individuals the opportunity to explore options to serve based on location, time, issue, and skill. Once they find a good match, they are directly connected with a volunteer coordinator at the organization.

We then follow up with the organizations to capture data about the involvement of volunteers and provide that valuable information to churches so that they know where and how their congregation is serving. Because of the efficiency of this process, churches can focus their time and resources on shepherding and pastoring their people.

Are you from a church that wants to know more about being 'for the city' and partnering with us? Let us know.

Churches can also learn more about what we’re doing through events called Intensives. We’ve designed Intensives as a way to learn more about a vision, be exposed to different city restoration efforts, and begin exploring what God has for other churches and other cities.