the FOR THE CITY network

Nonprofits and Organizations

There are a lot of organizations doing much to restore our city, and we think it’s important to let others know what they’re doing. We support our partner nonprofits and organizations by acting as a platform for them to share what’s going on. And we help them connect – with one another and with volunteers.

Connecting Organizations

A partnership with The For the City Network is intended to increase efficiency and efficacy. Being true to our name, we create a network amongst organizations. Within that network, we work together and learn from each other—it’s a place where best practices are shared and collaborations are made. We love seeing the creativity that results, enabling groups to strategically partner and increase the quality of services offered.

The For the City Center is a physical manifestation of this concept. At the FTCC, nonprofits and the people they serve benefit from collaboration, and as a result, maximize and catalyze their efforts toward city restoration.

Connecting Volunteers

We know that nonprofits need volunteers, but it can be hard for organizations to find enough people and ensure that they’re a good fit. On the other hand, there are people who want to serve, but with so many opportunities and channels, it can be overwhelming to navigate how and where to get involved. We want to support nonprofits by providing marketing platforms to recruit and connect volunteers with opportunities based on their interests, availability, giftings, and location. We think that this helps organizations focus on their mission and the things they do best.

Organization Partnership Process

To become a nonprofit partner and have opportunities featured on our website, we require organizations to complete the following steps:

  1. Attend an information session, offered each month. This session gives our history and provides details about partnership.
  2. Fill out an online application. This helps us get to know an organization better by collecting information about their purpose and volunteer opportunities and see if we’re a good fit for partnership.
  3. Complete the partner agreement. This acknowledges expectations for the organization and The For the City Network, to ensure mutual accountability between both parties.

To begin this partnership process, please fill out the form below.